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Project results

project resultsThe VETQI project can count on several outputs on which it can build an exploitation ground. These outputs, fully available from July to October 2013  are:

1.    VETQI Certification system and evaluation guide: the online system for assessing adherence to EQAVET and the quality assurance Frameworks as designed by VETQI project. The evaluation guide is the tool for assessing the weight of each indicator and to provide the awarding features of the project.

2.    Manuals  for Vet providers and ICT SMES: these guidelines consistent with EQAVET will help target group to reach the goals to develop a reference point for a quality assurance framework .

  • Vetqi Quality Label for VET and ICT Smes
  • Vetqi Supporter for experts and stakeholders
  • Vetqi Quality Approved for VET and ICT Smes
  • Vetqi process of quality approval for VET/SME  certificates: 
For more information go to VETQI Quality Label section

Other Resources

WP4 Confrontation Report 

The Wp4 Confrontation Report is the first output of the VETQI project.  The main objective of this document is to show the results of pre-test phase of WP4 from all partners, offering also a frameset documentation with interesting data regarding attitudes of Enterprises and VET providers toward training in ICT.  


WP5 Experimentation Report  

The main objective of this document is to show the results of experimentation phase of Wp5 from all partners. In comparison with the Wp4 report, it gathers a larger amount of  ICT Small and Medium Enterprises (500)  and Vet providers (125)  but it also add results from an interesting qualitative interviews phase.

WP6 Exploitation Report

The Expoloitation Quality Evaluation report review the exploitation process managed by the consortium, with qualitative and quantitative indicators.

WP6 Guidelines for Quality Training in ICT Sector for VET Operatos

This collection of guidelines will be a deliverable direct to VET providers aiming to ease the identification of choices to be taken in order to offer proper vocational services in line with European quality standards but also to grant to Vet providers an ongoing updating of its competencies. It will be directly descendant from project experimentation and partners experiences.

WP6 Guidelines for Quality Training for ICT SMES

The collection of Guidelines for needs detection in ICT SMEs will be a useful documents and always willing to operate under standard quality on vocational training. It will be a document that will directly help the selected target group by giving a series of procedures and indicators to be followed in order to detect enterprise's needs in a proper and functional way.