"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives"
- William A. Foster

Join VET QI!

The VET QI consortium officially launched the VET QI Quality Label and VETQI Supporter network.
The VETQI Quality Label  distinguishes Enterprises, Vocational providers, Stakeholders and Expert fostering collaboration, promotion and information regarding Quality in training for ICT Sector and applying the criteria and the values behind VETQI.
The labelisation is an independent, stand-alone process that enables applying entities to become involved in and associated with the VETQI's network of stakeholders who are striving to improve vocational and educational training in ICT throughout Europe.

The e- Label can be obtained by any training organization, educational institution, private-sector corporation and public agency and professional association that respect the following fundamental principles encapsulated in the VETQI Statement of Compliance.

Benefits of the Labels
•    Be recognized as a quality institution at European level and have your logo on the Labeled institutions page of the VETQI web-platform
•    Become a member of the VETQI network and have your logo on our website under Network permanently
•    Stay informed about opportunities in the Internet-related sector by receiving our newsletters
•    Use the Label of Excellence in all your promotional material

Ideas and value behind VETQI project can be promoted also by experts and key actors. By supporting VETQI, your name and your logo will appear in the "network" section of the site together with other supporters. It will allow you to share your information on the website and participate in the restricted collaborative working group of the VETQI network. For more information on joining VETQI please go to Supporter Page.
Click here to see the full list of Labeled Organizations
Certification procedures and Manuals (Guidelines) for Quality training in ICT sector both for SME`s and VET providers are now under definition. They will be presented next week on 19th of November in Genova during the final VETQI Conference and will be published in few weeks.

For more information on VETQI products you can see this presentation.